Scagel-Style Hand Made Knives

Bill Scagel and Bo Randall may be the two most famous knife makers of all time. Their designs are certainly among the most copied. Several craftsmen still remain in Michigan that carry on the Scagel tradition. Like Bill Scagel, these gentlemen do everything themselves, including making a true custom sheath unique to each knife. (Some of the other Michigan Scagel-style makers have shop helpers to pump up volumes and use a semi-production process, including using buffing wheels to finish blades. Plus they use piles of pre-made "custom" sheaths.) Rest assured I carry Scagel-style knives made by true Michigan craftsmen that take pride in each knife and sheath they make.

Ron Welling
Jerry Van Eizenga- sold
4" Folder w/ Mammoth Ivory & NS
Doug Noren
Doug Noren - sold
5-3/4" Scagel-Style Hunter
Doug Noren
Jerry Van Eizenga - sold
4-3/4" Scagel-Style Hunter
Doug Noren
Doug Noren (ms) - sold
9-1/4" Scagel-Style Camp Knife