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We moved the bulk of our inventory to our ebay store. (Seller ID = michiganknives). It was quite a headache to manage inventory for two separate selling locations. Thank you for your understanding!

Some offerings like WC Davis, Enedino De Leon, Dan Crotts and Gene Ingram will only be available by contacting us directly. These will be listed below as time permits.

Payments: We only accept Paypal (or certified funds). Contact us and we will send you a Paypal Money Request for any purhase you care to make. Paypal no longer refunds their 3.4% fee, plus original shipping cost is not refundable (unless it was a shipping mistake on our part).

Email us to purchase any of these gems

Prices shown do not include shipping cost. No offers, please.

Spartan Blades V-14 Dagger
WC Davis
3-3/4" Skinner w/ SS Damascus
Spartan Blades V-14 Dagger
Enedino De Leon
A1 Subhilt w/ Red Micarta
Dan Crotts
Model 1 DP w/ Ironwood & PD1
Dan Crotts
Model 1 DP w/ Buffalo Horn & PD1
Medford Knife & Tool
Gene Ingram
5DP w/ CPM S30V & Blackwood